Excerpt From

My Spirit of Love

I Love You as an Individual
Psalms 142:4-5; John 14:2-3; I Corinthians 12:27-31; Revelation 2:17; and 3:20


This writer was once emphatically told: “God doesn’t have individual Christians.” Her companion was all wrong. Some of you have been wrongly taught that the more you “lose your own identities” and merge into one mass, the more pleased I am. That is a gross misunderstanding of what the Body of Christ is all about. Just as each of you has an individual personality through which I may express myself, each one of you is called to a different type of ministry. Some prophesy. Some are greatly used to minister healing to others. Some have a special calling to the mission field. I have a plan for each one of your lives. You could see it begin to unfold like a flower, if you would only walk closely with Me and listen to My Voice moment by moment. Worshipping together as a congregation is very important. You need the fellowship, strength and support of other saints. I love to see My children gather together to praise My Name, and to learn more about Me and My ways. I love those wonderful family reunions As they meet together in My Name, My saints form the expression of My Body on earth. I am glorified in this.

But I also have a very special relationship with each one of you individually. I value, love and cherish you individually, not just corporately. There are many things you are free to confide only in Me. Public prayers are necessary at times, but I especially cherish those times you go into your own room, shut the door behind you, and pour out your joys and sorrows to Me,Your Father in Heaven. I want you to hold nothing back from Me. No problem, however perplexing it might be for you, is beyond the scope of My perfect Wisdom.You matter to Me when you are alone with Me, not just in a group setting.

I have promised to supply all your needs, for you are My beloved child. There are times I love to surprise you with what you consider luxuries, for it brings delight to My heart for You to glorify Me with your prayer of thanksgiving. I am not tight-fisted. I do not spoil you till you become obsessed with material things, but I love to grant every desire of your heart which is truly good for you.

Each one of you is a unique creation. Even identical twins have individual spirits, and each of them has the responsibility to choose either life or death. There have been many cases where one twin ended up in heaven and the other in hell, based on individual acceptance or rejection of My Son. And, sadly, many people think that just because they come from a Christian home, their salvation is automatically assured. But the salvation of parents does not automatically confer eternal life upon their children. Each individual soul is accountable to Me, and must accept Christ for himself in order to enter into eternal life. I have children, but I don’t have grandchildren!

Earthly parents do not expect their children to all have the same looks, personality, or tastes. It does not alarm them that each of their children is a unique person in his or her own right. In fact, it would be a cause for concern if they were all exactly the same. One of the most prevalent errors in false cults is the suppression of and gradual stripping away of individual personality. This makes the person less than what I created him to be, and makes it easier for the cult leader to deceive his victim. Avoid being ensnared by suspicious groups which try to draw you in with carefully orchestrated overtures of “love”.

There are times when no one else on earth has much interest in your spiritual life. Or, you may be in a situation where you must move frequently. You will, at times, have wonderful fellowship with other believers. At other times this will be more scarce, for the presence of a church building does not automatically spell true fellowship. Moreover, the use of folding chairs instead of padded pews, and that of guitars in lieu of pipe organs, does not necessarily indicate a place of Liberty in the Spirit. Some searchers have walked out of informal settings with heavy hearts, while more than a few have felt the warmth of My Presence within the context of a so-called “High Church” service.

You need genuine love, not cold formality. If you find yourself in a place where you aren’t being fed spiritually by men, does it mean that I have cast you off? A thousand times, no. Whenever people fail you, I will still be there to meet the deepest needs of your heart. I will spread a spiritual feast before you, and we two will dine together. I abide ever faithful. I cannot fail you.

How could anyone claim that individuals have little value in My sight? I have promised in My Word that I am preparing a mansion for each one of you. I want you to know that when each of you enters heaven, you will be absolutely thrilled with your new home. I even take into account the individual tastes of each believer as the plans are drawn up for construction. All the furnishings reflect the preferences of the mansion’s future occupant. These homes are stunningly beautiful. I did not mass-produce regulation army barracks for warehousing saints. Individual homes have been specially crafted for each of My beloved children.

I value individuals so much that each of My faithful ones will be presented with a white stone inscribed with a new name, for the time will come when I will make all things new. The other believers will never know the new name I give you. It will be a secret shared only with Me. Now try to tell Me that individuals don’t matter to Me.


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