Excerpt From

The Snare of Sin

Satan’s Mirth Turns to Rage
Jeremiah 30:9; Ezekiel 34:24; 37:24; Hosea 3:5; Romans 5:20

What exuberance there was among satan and his infernal underlings when David fell into the greatest peril his soul had ever known! “We got him!” they all shouted. “If we can get him to fall, then we can get anybody to sin!”

The devil had been determined to prevent Me from keeping My promise to Abraham to raise up a Deliverer through his lineage, and especially through the Royal Tribe of Judah. And now he thought victory was in the bag. He felt certain that I was so furious with David because of the size of his sin that I couldn’t possibly forgive him. Surely I was bound to end his dynasty forever, and the Messiah could never be born through him.

Satan licked his chops, thinking that now David, son of Jesse was a goner. Gleefully he anticipated David’s death, and the day he would be dragged by demons into hell for his sin. The devil truly hated David above all men who were alive on earth at that time. The sweet songs of praise David had composed on his harp were excruciating torment to satan. The devil had been enraged when his earlier attempt to murder David with King Saul’s javelin thrust was unsuccessful.

Yes, in that terrible hour of David’s disgrace, the devil was very glad that David had not died in his youth. He thought for sure David was destined for eternal destruction. But when I forgave David for his sin, the devil was first amazed, then incensed. He simply had not counted on Me being able to forgive a big sin. A tiny peccadillo, maybe even theft or manslaughter. But never a sin so mind-numbingly sordid as David’s. It’s not fair, thought satan. After all the strings I pulled to set David up for that big fall. How could God do this to me?

The devil is extremely vengeful. He hated David more than ever for escaping eternal damnation, and he detested Me all the more for pardoning David and keeping him on the Throne of Israel.

David was not lost to me, but for the rest of his days the enemy wreaked havoc in his home. What merriment it brought to the enemy to see David struck time and again by domestic and national calamities.This poor man felt like he was a ball being kicked around by forces beyond his control. He often wept, pleading with Me to set limits on the awful sufferings he must endure. How it grieved My heart, knowing I had to allow the consequences of sin to play themselves out in that dear saint’s life. Only when David died did he know lasting peace. Only then was he completely at rest from the fiery darts of the Prince of Darkness.

How great is My grace. If it made satan angry when I forgave David, how galling it will be to him when I resurrect this one whom I called “a man after My own heart”, and appoint him to rule over mortal saints once again in the coming Kingdom of God.


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