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Real Eternal Security

The faithfulness of Noah
Matthew 7:14; I Peter 3:19-20; II Peter 2:5

If numbers were truly the basis upon which the fruitfulness of a ministry should be gauged, Noah would, at first glance, have been judged an abysmal failure. Even as he and his sons built the Ark, Noah faithfully proclaimed the message of My impending judgment. For many decades he warned all who approached him of their imminent peril.

How do you think they responded? It had never before rained on the earth, for up to then the ground had been watered by dew. These people had never experienced rain; yet Noah was warning them that I was about to inundate the entire earth and destroy every living thing. His listeners laughed at him, but he did not stop preaching to them. They mocked him, threw stones at him, and told him he was crazy. He was the laughingstock of the neighborhood. The partially finished Ark was treated like a tourist attraction. People came from far and wide to stare at “Noah’s Folly”, not realizing that the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men. Still, Noah was undeterred. He was even willing to endure reproach for My Name’s sake.

Those wicked people were so engrossed in enjoying their sins that they refused to believe in Me. They traded in their spouses for new ones when they tired of them, just like sinners do today. They ridiculed Noah and his sons for their fidelity to their own wives. That same spirit of wickedness is at work in this unbelieving generation, despite the widespread proclamation of the Gospel. I said in My Word: The way to life is NARROW, and few there are who find it.

After tirelessly preaching to multitudes for so many years, how many people went aboard the Ark with Noah? Only seven. His own brothers, sisters, and extended family dismissed him as a crank, and found his zeal a bit embarrassing. They also drowned in the Flood.

Was his preaching in vain? No. I still remember various people floating on debris in the water or clinging to tree branches as they awaited the end. Others spent their final moments on the highest hilltops, as water swirled about their ankles and sheets of rain furiously tore at their clothing. They had resigned themselves to the fact that they had been disobedient to My exhortation to repent, and would lose their earthly lives. There were many last- minute repentances among those who had grudgingly seen the sense of Noah’s preaching, but, fearful of losing their so-called friends, had not embraced his message by faith. These had vacillated and decided they did not want to give up their accustomed life-styles for My sake. They had lived out their long lives in rebellion against Me, but wanted to at least make their peace with Me before dying. Thousands of years later, My Son preached the glad story of redemption to these souls in Abraham’s Bosom, the abode of the righteous dead. After He paid the ransom for their sins on Calvary, He led these captives upward to the Heavenly City. My mercy toward men is unspeakably great.

Following the Rapture of the Church, there will be many conversions among those who remember the testimony of their friends or family who were taken. The harvest is sometimes delayed, but it comes nonetheless.


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