Excerpt From

Denying My Power

Weapons of Faith
Romans 15:18-19; I Corinthians 2:5; and 12:7-11;
II Corinthians 10:4; Ephesians 3:7


What army on earth is more demoralized than My own? For I behold My own Church laying down the weapons of the Spirit in the most critical moments of the battle. Even now your enemy satan is frantically deploying the most hideous weapons in his own arsenal, which he has largely reserved for these end times.

Except for certain church properties and Christian homes, the entire earth is yet under his usurped dominion. He is the prince of this world, while My people are strangers and pilgrims in it. The enemy continually strives to tear down My beloved ones at work, at school, in every circumstance of life. The eyes of the saints are assaulted by pornography on newspaper racks in supermarkets and elsewhere, and the very atmosphere of this world reeks of Sodom. I continually receive evil reports from My holy angels about the unutterable wickedness of this present-day earth.

My Church is meant to be an oasis of refreshing in the wasteland of this world, a wellspring of Living Water to revive weary souls, and a place to fortify saints to engage in spiritual warfare.

I gave the nine Gifts of the Spirit for the edifying of My Body the Church. They were meant to be an expression of My Love manifested through the workings of My Holy Spirit.

I long to speak to My assemblies through the utterance gifts of Prophecy, Tongues and Interpretation. Many a weary, discouraged saint has been uplifted and encouraged by receiving a word in due season through these verbal gifts. Many lethargic believers have been inspired to renew their first Love for Me and to forsake lukewarmness through the ministry of the Prophetic Word.

There are times when the battle grows so intense that the human spirit would fail if I did not impart a special anointing of faith for victory over the works of satan. Ordinary faith will not suffice for every situation. Let there be those in your midst who seek Me for the Gift of Anointed Faith, so that victory can be achieved every time on behalf of weaker saints who might grow discouraged and fall by the wayside.

It took a miracle to part the Red Sea. It took an even greater miracle to raise the shattered form of My precious Son from death. There are times when one must operate by faith in the supernatural realm, when the laws of nature are suspended for the outworking of My own purposes. Let those held captive by satan find deliverance from his prison house through the operation of the Gift of Miracles.

Let My Church be a place of healing. I have no hands in this world but those yielded to Me, hands which are willing to anoint the sick with oil and pray the Prayer of Faith, that these afflicted ones might recover. Sometimes the healing will be instantaneous; other times it will manifest itself gradually. At times I will empower one saint to pray successfully for the healing of cancer; at other times, some other saint might have the anointing to pray for the healing of chronic illnesses or even blindness. In time of need, there should be manifestations of the Gifts of Healing, imparted to consecrated believers by the Spirit as He will; But My spirit is a Gentleman. He will not force My Gifts upon those unwilling to accept them.

Every army needs its intelligence operation, keeping track of enemy strategy, and planning its own strategy accordingly. Through the Gift of Divine Knowledge, My Spirit imparts crucial information on people, places, and things. He sheds light on hidden needs and areas of conflict. He uncovers the secret workings of satan, who has often tried to infiltrate My Church with false brethren and damaging heresies. Lives have been preserved from natural disasters and from criminal attack because of the working of the Gift of Knowledge.

Through the operation of the Discerning of Spirits, My Spirit can reveal the demonic origin of illnesses, or help you detect a false, deceiving spirit trying to make inroads into the life of a person or entire congregation. He will give anointed believers the power to take authority over the evil spirits, and cast them out in the Name of Jesus. Many people have been set free from physical and mental disorders through the operation of this gift. Many churches have avoided splitting over doctrinal disputes, or turning into cults because the workings of satan were detected in time.

If wisdom was needed in the time of King Solomon, how much more is it needed now in these days of gross darkness. Far better that a believer seek MY way out of a deep difficulty than to resort to hit-and-miss tactics to repulse the attacks of the enemy. My special Anointing of Divine Wisdom will preserve lives from needless tragedies and help saints to steer clear of spiritual or circumstantial shipwreck.

Supernatural works of the Spirit were part of My commission I gave to My disciples just before ascending to heaven. Not for the sake of vainglory or show, but because the multitudes are perishing for want of deliverance from the works of satan. I came to destroy the works of the devil!

Yet My Church is rapidly veering away from My original commission to engage in spiritual warfare against the works of the devil. Genuine interest was shown by saints of the previous generation, and a beginning was made during that outpouring of My Spirit.

But now apathy has set in. In the interest of preserving so-called “order”, My Spirit is quenched. Often, very little effort is made by My pastors to even study about the operation of these precious Gifts. There is a deeply entrenched fear that chaos and confusion would result if My people were set free to actually begin to move in the Gifts of the Spirit. So My soldiers are obliged to throw down their weapons. Only the devil benefits from that.

There is an attitude prevalent in My Body: SOMEDAY the Glory will fall down. SOMEDAY God will do great and mighty things. SOMEDAY the multitudes will be delivered, and a mighty work will be accomplished for the Glory of God.

This complacency has resulted from a loss of the expectancy of the imminency of My soon Appearing to receive My people to Myself. Predictions of My Appearing in the last generation failed to materialize, because My Father had other plans. So there is a false belief that you will be here many more years. Hence, there is less urgency in hearts to seek My face and plead with Me to send a fresh Revival of the Spirit among My people, and to impart a fresh anointing to do My wonderful works of deliverance on behalf of the multitudes bound by satan.


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