Excerpt From

Behold, I Come Quickly

Just Being Here is a Sacrifice for Believers
Philippians 2:15-16; Hebrews 10:37

Millions of saints have spent their earthly lives in illness, disability, persecution and poverty, while still reaching lost souls for Christ even in their weakness. I did not leave them in this world because they found it so pleasurable to be here, absent from the One they love above all else. No, it was for the benefit of lost sinners that they had to endure the wearisome trials of living day to day on earth. I could just as easily have taken every single saint home to heaven after saving their souls, far from the moral corruption and hardships of this present evil world. But I chose to share My dearest treasures, and delay the day of My own Son’s wedding for the sake of those yet unconverted. But Christ will not be without His purchased possession the Church much longer. Nor should His saints be denied their eternal inheritance as sons and daughters of God, reserved for the time they shall receive their just rewards and crowns for faithful service rendered in such a world as this.

Ironically, it has now reached the point where I must remove My Church from this earth before multitudes will be jolted out of their comatose indifference toward Me. In order to spare a vast number of stubborn souls eternal death in hell, I must permit them to endure the lesser anguish of the Great Tribulation.

There are saints living today who will be responsible for the conversion of thousands because of the enduring testimony they left behind. They will, through My marvellous grace, win far more souls after their departure than they will have won during their physical presence in the earth.

Unless I act quickly to redeem My own out of this world, untold millions of apathetic, irreverent souls will continue to mock My warnings and perish forever!


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