About My Collection of Prophecies:
Behold, I Seek My Own

A collection of prophecies divided into seven sections covering topics of crucial importance to the Body of Christ. Each section sold separately in loose binding.


They are timely messages I received from the heart of the Lord “Who is seeking His own”. They deal with issues which are of crucial importance in His sight. Some messages are predictive in nature, for the Lord has the ability to show His children things which are yet to come (Revelation 1:1). Other messages bring to light problems within the Body of Christ which can, sadly, be whitewashed or swept under the rug instead of faced. God is a Gentleman, ever loving and patient toward His own. But He is using me to say things which have needed to be said for a long time. He has refused to let me water down the sterner messages. Time is short, and God doesn’t mince words.

Some topics are even presented in story fashion, as the Lord leads. It is neither unjust nor unloving for our Heavenly Father to steer His children away from error or exhort them to a higher way of life. He is our Good Shepherd. He, above all other shepherds, is faithful and vigilant over His own flock. Furthermore, He has let Me know that He does not want me to hold back anything he has given me to share with my brothers and sisters in Christ. To the best of my ability I have recorded the words of wisdom and spiritual lessons He has shared with me.

Some prophecies shine light on true incidents to serve as object lessons for the instruction of many. This is scriptural, as I Corinthians 10:11 shows. I felt led to use symbolic names for the various character types addressed by the messages. The Lord wants to vanquish problems, not people.

I pray that the wisdom of the Lord will touch your own heart just as it has mine, and that you will be inspired to believe that with God, nothing shall be impossible (Luke 1:37) .

One Sample Prophecy From Each Section:
1) My Spirit of Love The centrality of the Love of God
2) Real Eternal Security Kept by faith, never by presumption
3) The Snare of Sin God still hates sin, and His definition of it hasn’t changed one bit
4) Other Go$pels Creeping In Money talking in the life of the church
5) Denying My Power God is STILL a miracle-working God
6) I Seek My Scattered Ones Looking past hypocrites to find the Love of Christ
7) Behold, I Come Quickly Prophecies of the end times


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